City-in-the-Park, Burnaby

This was an interesting tree-care challenge because it involved over 120 specimens of Red Maple (Acer rubrum). These trees are located in a large condominium complex designed by world-famous architect Arthur Erickson, in South Burnaby. The maples are found in a centralized, private park surrounded by seven tall buildings. Many reflect structures found in New York City such as the Belgravia, Claridges and Savoy Carlton. The park has exquisite topiary with the trees positioned around the perimeter. The park is modelled after a royal botanical garden in England. The maples required extensive crown pruning and root control to ‘tame’ their burgeoning size. Future tree maintenance will involve a combination of tree trimming and selective removal, as the specimens grow into each other and achieve a height of over 80 feet. This is the largest collection of cultivated Red Maples in British Columbia.