Our pruning is tailored to the health of the trees, and the needs of the owner. All our
pruning adheres to the Tree Care Industry Association, A-300 Standards. Our pruning is ‘species specific’. We know our trees and how much they can be pruned. We understand compartmentalisation of wounds. We find the dead, dying, diseased, duplicating, and defective branches: the 5 D’s. We start from the top and ‘corkscrew’ down. We seek to balance the tree and enhance its natural silhouette. We provide clear pruning objectives with tangible pruning results. The outcome of our work on each tree will depend upon whether the tree has been professionally cared for in the past, as well as its health, condition and age. We always seek to improve the tree in relationship to our clients’ needs. We seek to lower the risk level associated with trees and to improve their health.