Our reports cover municipal by-laws, health and tree risk assessment, evaluation for ICBC, private insurance or other legal claims; land development permits, root assessment damage, wildlife tree suitability, heritage tree evaluations, construction and renovations around trees, and other tree-related issues (please refer to our Limitations on this website).


The arboricultural field review report is based only on ground level site observations. No aerial tree assessments are done on any of the trees. Effort is made to ensure that the opinions expressed are a reasonable and accurate representations of the general condition of all trees reviewed.The assessment will be completed based on VTA (Visual Tree Assessment) only. Aerial assessments may have gathered additional information that could have been important to the conclusions of the report. The subject trees were not dissected, although some may have been cored and / or probed. All trees or groups of trees have the potential to fail. No guarantees are offered or implied by JPM Tree Service that the trees reviewed and referenced in a report will remain safe given all conditions. Trees can be managed, but they cannot be controlled. To reside, work or play anywhere near trees is to accept some degree of risk. The only way to eliminate all risk associated with trees is to eliminate the trees themselves. Prior to receiving service, the client is advised and agrees that JPM Tree Service is not liable for any damages resulting from the behaviour of the subject trees. Assessments are valid on the day of the report, and it is understood that adverse weather conditions can change the structural integrity of the trees, which can lead to subsequent failure.
The opinions expressed in our report is provided without bias based on site observations and the supporting information provided by others. Any trees retained should be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure acceptable risk levels. It is our recommendation that trees always be re-inspected after atypical weather events. The trees surrounding a site on adjacent property are not reviewed, and it is assumed that all fences and hedges separating private and public property lines are valid.The information provided in our reports is for the exclusive use of our client, and may not be reproduced or distributed without permission of JPM Tree Service. Our reports are to be used in their entirety and/or for their stated purpose only. The cost of the report as paid to JPM Tree Service does not depend upon its outcome, or any decisions stemming from it.