Welcome to JPM Tree Service. We help trees. Specifically, we provide custom tree pruning and Certified Arborist reports. We carry 2 million dollars liability, WCB, and municipal by-laws licences.

Our Mission, Our Vision, Our Trees

Our mission is to provide tree care services for commercial clients in BC’s Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island and farther afield. We also do some residential. Our vision is to care for, nurture, and strengthen urban and rural environments that support long-lived trees. Our OLDEST cared-for tree is a 300 year old, Western red cedar on Bowen Island. Our LARGEST tree is a 155 foot Douglas-fir near Halfmoon Bay on the Sunshine Coast. Our TALLEST tree is a Pin Oak beside English Bay in Vancouver. Our most unique tree... well, they are ALL unique. Take care of trees, and they’ll take care of you.