Hotel Grand Pacific, Victoria

This, as the name implies, is a grand place. The front gardens are in the shape of a dragon, and the hotel grounds reflect the fundamentals of Feng Shui an ancient Chinese philosophy that strives to incorporate a harmony between individuals and their surroundings. The stunning feature of the property is the Japanese Flowering Cherries (Prunus serratula ‘Shirotae’) at the main entrance. They work to ‘pull’ people in from the street, and ‘guide’ them out from the hotel. Some of the strategies for keeping these trees healthy include root and branch pruning, soil turning, painting of the grates, and removal of infected fungal sites. ‘Worm Poo’ will be applied this summer as a soil amendment. Some of the other prominent trees on site are Magnolia (Magnolia), Arbutus (Arbutus), Dogwood (Cornus), and a group of exotic Windmill Palms (Trachycarpus fortunei) on the east side of the hotel. This is Victoria’s only five-star hotel. We are proud to have the priviledge of caring for their trees.