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JPM Tree Services (JPM) was founded in Toronto, 1994 and was in operation for two years when founder John Martyn realized the trees were bigger out west. So, he did what any keen, tree loving man would do—he moved to British Columbia.

Since 1996, JPM Tree Services has been keeping trees healthy in BC’s Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island and farther afield. Specifically, we provide custom tree pruning and ISA Certified Arborist reports. And, we do it with 5 million dollars liability insurance and a Worksafe Clearance Letter.

What We Do

Our mission is to provide tree care services for commercial clients. We also do some residential. Our vision is to care for, nurture, and strengthen urban and rural environments that support long-lived trees.

Professional Service Standards

Our professional standards of practice? They are the Tree Care Industry Association: Tree, Shrub, and Other Woody Plant Maintenance-Standard Practices.

Supplemental Support Systems
Lightning Protection Systems
Management of Trees and Shrubs During Site Planning, Development, and Construction
Integrated Vegetation Management (IVM)

Also, we adhere to the Z133.1, Safety Requirements for Arboricultural Operations.

The above eight (8) categories have been verified for due process, consensus, and other criteria for approval by the American National Standards Institute. ANSI has an annual budget of $22 million and was established in 1918. Their head office is in Washington, DC.

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The outcome of our work on each tree will depend upon whether the tree has been professionally cared for in the past, as well as its health, condition and age. We always seek to improve the tree in relationship to our clients’ needs. We seek to lower the risk level associated with trees and to improve their health.

Our pruning is tailored to the health of the trees, and the needs of the owner. All our pruning adheres to the Tree Care Industry Association, A-300 Standards.

Our pruning is ‘species specific’. We know our trees and how much they can be pruned. We understand compartmentalization of wounds.

We find the dead, dying, diseased, duplicating, and defective branches: the 5 D’s. We start from the top and ‘corkscrew’ down. We seek to balance the tree and enhance its natural silhouette. We provide clear pruning objectives with tangible pruning results.


Our reports cover municipal by-laws, health and tree risk assessment, evaluation for ICBC, private insurance or other legal claims; land development permits, root assessment damage, wildlife tree suitability, heritage tree evaluations, construction and renovations around trees, and other tree-related issues.

Each report contains a comprehensive analysis of tree-related issues and their corresponding risk assessments.

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Pruning Rates

Pruning rates are based upon the size of the tree and any additional considerations that are made during our initial consultation.

Pruning prices include the pruning, collection and removal of debris.

If your tree has been previously pruned by a non-arborist, then an additional charge of 30 percent will apply.


Consultation prices will vary depending on the scope of the consultation and any additional labour required.

Please contact a member of JPM Tree Service for further information.


For residential projects, payment is due immediately upon completion of work, or add an extra $100 return fee to come back the following day for a 7 am payment.

For commercial, we expect payment as soon as possible. We have done the work, and we appreciate payment. Anything beyond 2 to 3 weeks, and we’ll wonder if you need the money more than we do. Hats off to the Vancouver Native Housing Society. Over the years we have provided in excess of $20,000 worth of services, and have consistently been paid within 8 days. Their philosophy is that the work is done and we’re happy with your services.

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